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SCARAB™ Sewage Treatment Systems are designed to remove all the waste water from your septic tank, then with the unique “ACCELERATED OXYGENATION” technology, produces water which is as CLEAR as drinking water. This water is ODOURLESS and SAFE for re-use in your garden as irrigation, for ponds or outlet to storm water drainage or streams.

The SCARAB™ range of package treatment plants are Australia's most environmentally friendly and efficient method for treating domestic sewage. The Scarab Bio-Filter facilitates all the chemical and biological reactions needed to clean and disinfect your waste water for re-use, and very low maintenance and running costs are a key feature of the systems operation.

SCARAB™ already has an impressive track record:
  • Listed as a top 100 South African company for it's technology in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in the Top Technology 100 (TT100) programme. 
  • Received Bio2Biz award in 2006 
  • Listed with the Department of Water Affairs ( DWAF ) - Good practices Draft Policy  (2005)
  • Tested by Umgeni Water, along with two other commercial systems, and Scarab was found to be fully compliant. The other systems failed.
  • Approved and preferred supplier to the Department of Health (KZN) for rural clinics. 
  • Featured on SABC 3 Business Update - Click Here
  • Featured  Engineering News - Click Here
  • Featured in Hotel Stuff Magagine Click Here
  • Featured in the Green Building Handbook Click Here (page 94)
  • Specified by Consultants Click Here (6.2mb)
  • Successfully converted a number of failed systems to Scarab design, in South Africa
  • Out-performs any other commercial system in it's class

The Scarab™ STS Range

SCARAB Systems are manufactured in the following sizes:
Product Code Daily Sewage Capacity
STS 10 up to 1 700 Litres
STS 15 up to 2 500 Litres
STS 25 up to 4200 Litres
STS 50 up to 8 500 Litres
STS 55 up to 9 500 Litres
STS 80 up to 13 500 Litres
STS 100 up to 17000 Litres
STS 150 up to 25 000 Litres
STS Exec. Modular STS 100's up to 500,000 Litres
Just as in nature, the our Package Treatment Plants are able to adapt to many different environments and maybe put to use for the treatment of domestic effluent in locations such as:
  • Low Cost Housing Suburbs
  • Cluster Housing
  • Mining Sites
  • Eco Estates & Game Lodges
  • Townhouse Complexes
  • Schools
  • Camping Sites & Holiday Resorts
  • Hospitals & Rural Clinics
  • Small Towns
  • And Many Others... 

Scarab Sewage Treatment Systems are pre-engineered and calibrated to suit the exact hydraulic loading required for each site, using State of the Art computer technology.

Treat your water to a Scarab system !


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