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Limited Space?

The SCARAB system is suitable where space is limited


Do I still need a septic tank to install a Scarab system ?

Yes.  These tanks are a vital part of the biological process, we call them predigestion chambers - or PD. There should be 3-chambers - each sized correctly matching the expected peak daily flow.  In some cases we have supplied PD tanks as part of the complete package. Please contact us, and we can advise further

Is the system simple to operate, and how will I know if its working

The system is very simple to service and operate, and often the garden service or housewife is involved. Nothing much can go wrong.  However, a good indication on its effectiveness is that the treated water should be clear, and odourless.

Should I separate the grey water, and divert that into the soakaway?

No.  Please don't. Many people do this as they think they are saving something.  Greywater contains a great deal of kitchen water, food particles,soaps, detergents and disinfectants, all of which will clog the soakaway very quickly.  Put everything together and let the biological process deal with this stuff. 

Can I upgrade to a bigger system as the project develops?

Yes it is indeed. The Scarab design allows for modules, or pods, to be added on at any stage.  Or, if the need arises, down scaling, relocation to new sites ...

Can I reuse the water for irrigating my lawn?

Yes.  This recycled water is ideal for irrigation, water features, washing vehicles, and even returning to the house for flushing toilets. Anything except drinking, showering and cooking etc.

My soakaway - or french drain - has failed again, and there is a big mess. Will the Scarab system fix this problem ?

Yes. Soakaways often clog up and become non-porous, which wont allow water to seep into the ground. This foul water then reached the surface, and you will get bad odours and flies.  The Scarab system stops this foul water from going into the soakaway, and cleans it.

Do soakaways pollute the bore water ?

Sadly, yes they do. Years ago, when they were first installed, usually on farms, the amount of groundwater pollution per acre was negligible. The same farm has now been subdivided up into 400m² plots, each with a soakaway.  This is a much greater level of pollution - particularly when these farming areas have a number of boreholes which residents rely on.

I am in Qld, but have interests in Africa, and South America. Where else is Scarab represented ?

 We have agents / representatives throughout South Africa, in Botswana, Mozambique.  Furthermore, Scarab is now marketed in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.  And if we don't have someone in your area, let us know.

Does Scarab have SABS approval?

SABS have no immediate plans to test any system, and so no system is approved. Click here for more details.

Do I have to be careful what domestic chemicals I use in the house?

Yes. This is important. But in saying this, everything in moderation. Over dose with bleach, Jik, Domestos, Toilet Duck, Harpic, Jeyes Fluid etc and you will kill the system

I save on my septic tank as I have a dual system where all the shower , bath, kitchen and washing machine water bypasses the septic tank and goes directly to the soak away. Is this a good idea ?

No No!!.Grey water (shower, bath, washing machines and kitchen water) contains abnormal amounts of disinfectants (bleach, Dettol etc) and large volumes of biodegarable material like fat, food particles and hair which will reach the soakaway, and not biodegrade fast. This material will choke the soakaway. Please include grey water and black (toilet) water together. The black water will reintroduce bacteria to the shower / bath water, and this will now biodegrade properly.

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