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Limited Space?

The SCARAB system is suitable where space is limited

Scarab™ Features & Benefits 

¤  Modular – like Lego, the system can be added to, subtracted from, and relocated if required.

¤  Any single reactor in a multi-pod design can be shut down or serviced, without affecting the remaining reactors

¤  Pre-engineered – installations require minimal onsite labour

¤  Simple to maintain – often by household staff

¤  Includes Accelerated Oxygenation™ Highly efficient aeration design – up to 4 times more effective

¤  No moving  / wearing parts inside the reactor

¤  All systems operate from a single phase 220 – 240 V power supply (solar powered currently under R & D)

¤  Loading / Duty include all the hydraulic ranges from the single house to townships / suburbs

¤  Treating from 1000 litres to 500 000 litres

¤  Sealed units – thus can be placed close to homes

¤  Highly effective BioPac plastic media allows free lateral water movement

¤  BioPac™ media never needs replacement

¤  Re-use all the water you have already used

Treated water for lawns, water features, construction -

         or plumbed back into the house for flushing.

Scarab™ is Unique

The unique features include:

¤  No clarifier required - and still meets with water quality standards - easily !

¤  Ammonia removal using Simultaneous Nitrification / Denitrification (SND) - without a dedicated Anoxic zone. SND is described, by water experts, as a phenomenon. Scarab™ is fortunate in including this special feature into all its systems 

¤  Hydraulic tumbling - This Unique feature keeps solid matter from settling on the bottom of the tanks, as it is constantly "tumbled" and sweeps this area.  This material is then deposited around the periphery of the tank, where it is easily and effectively removed

¤ Accelerated Oxygenation™ - Scarab™ designed a system that would increase the Oxygen absorption rate into water by making the air bubble smaller and increasing the bubble path-length.

¤ Unique computer software was developed for Scarab™ so that the many calculations in designing and specifying loading and capacities is included in a quick and easy costing of the system.




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